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Hi, I’m Brad Vinikow and since founding IMPACT Communications Group in 1985, my goals continue to be to produce high-quality audio and video media for our clients around the world, provide exceptional customer service and deliver these materials on time and on budget.


Each project is an opportunity to enhance your business, which leads to our mutual success and a positive ongoing relationship.

Over the years, IMPACT has operated in various capacities. We produce media turnkey directly for our clients. We serve as the video production ‘department’ for several ad agencies. We also collaborate as a valuable resource that fills in the creative and production gaps for in-house audio and video producers.

Once our role is defined, I will assemble the perfect team of experienced, reliable talent to fit the unique needs of your project. As the project progresses, you’ll get clear status updates along the way.

Our ultimate goal is deliver media that will help you, and/or your client, communicate with impact. When you’re ready, feel free to call or email me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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